Who we are?

The history of Bailemos dance school dates back to 2004, when Jan Chrostek and Maria Ukere opened their first lessons and milongas at Café Imperial at Na Porici street. Bailemos has been carrying on with these activities until today and holds regular courses, weekend workshops, seminars with international guests, regular Saturday milongas and other events connected with tango.  We have taught tango and performed at various occasions, e.g. at a beneficial concert of Jaroslav Svěcený or seminars in Poland and Germany. In 2013 opened our own studio at Prague - Holešovice. Our lecturers Jan, Ivana, Nolwenn, Barbora and Miloslav would like to show Argentine tango not just from its technical side as a kind of art but also as a form of enterteinment and opportunity to meet and share. If you want to know more about our school, take a look at the video:


Jan Chrostek met with Argentine tango during his studies in Paris in 1999. During his next stay in Paris in 2002 and 2003 he was attending classes with Sebastian Arce who opened the doors to him to a new tango style combining traditional style with a new one, so called "tango nuevo". Jan deepened his knowledge with various teachers in Europe and during his regular long-term visits to Buenos Aires. Since 2011 he has been dancing with his wife Barbara and also with Ivana Balková. "Tango as a dance is fascinating. The fact that it is based on improvisation makes every single dance a unique experience. Tango is creation of two persons who unite and dissolve in each other for three minutes."

Ivana Balková draws on her experience of salsa and flamenco which she has been doing for nine years. Then she was suddenly amazed by tango which she studied with Czech and Argentinian maestros. She is a regular visitor of international tango festivals and marathons and performs at stage shows. "Dance for me represents meditation, relaxation and pleasure. It is my biggest passion. In tango I am looking for the depth, sharing and connecting with the partner, for shared creation here and now."

Nolwenn Treguer, French living in Prague, trained several dances (ballet, tap dance, flamenco) before she found and fell in love with tango. She has been dancing tango for more than 10 years. Tango represents for her magical connection between two beings, a communication between bodies and minds without words. Nolwenn's motto is Isadora Duncan's: "If I could say it with words, I would not dance it".  Since tango is an improvised form of dance, it requires you to have 100 % attention to your partner - but you also get 100 % attention from your partner.  Dancing tango takes you out of time and out of reality, being just there, fully present inside your partner's arms and inside the music for 3 minutes of eternity - the length of a tango song. Nolwenn travels a lot around Europe to dance at tango festivals, and since she loves to create, she is also an author of videos and theatre plays based on tango music or dance. To see a dance performance with Nolwenn click here.

Barbora Chrostková devoted herself to modern dance before getting to know tango. She studied tango with Czech and international teachers and also during a long-term stay in Buenos Aires. She has been leading courses and seminars both in the Czech Republic and abroad. "I have always longed for a pair dance which is not based just on step structures. I like simplicity of tango and the thrill of what comes in the next beat. I like the unity between her and him, the attention they give each other and at the same time fidelity to yourself. For me, tango is a dance of clear mind and passion." To see a dance performance with Barbora click here.

Miloslav Janouš has been dancing professionally since 1976. As a graduate at Dance Conservatory he is a member of Association of Dance Teachers, trainer of many professional couples, choreographer and author of dance manuals. Miloslav has been dancing tango since 2014 and right from the beginning he fell in love with this dance. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and skills with Czech and foreign lecturers. "Endless possibilities of expressing melody and rythm and of improvisation is what I like about tango. It is unbelievable that such a small space can give rise to so big emotions."