Open Classes with Dilara Öz and Abdullah Çitil (TUR)

Prague 8 - 9 February 2020

We kindly invite you to open classes with a couple from Istanbul scene Dilara Öz and Abdullah Apo Çitil. They have been dancing together since 2015 and today belong to the top couples in Turkey both in tango salón and tango escenário. Their motto as teachers is "to share and give" and in Prague they would like to share their art in both above-mentioned styles. Also they will give a show at Saturday Colores del Tango milonga and seminars of women's and men's technique on Sunday.  

Dilara and Apo run an Instanbul based school Tangoperest. After forming a couple four years ago they left for almost a year for Buenos Aires where they got imbued with authentic tango from renown maestros. Diara who has also background in ballet, belly dance and sport gymnastics  is today one of the most in demand teachers for women technique in her home city. Together with Apo they are finalists in European qualification round of Mundial de Tango in categories tango de salón and tango escenário. In Prague they will be presented for the first time.


Weekend programme:

Workshops take place in studio Bailemos in Prague. They are dedicated to couples (with exception of women's and men's technique ws) on level intermediate and higher. They are designed as open classes, i.e. without previous registrations. 

Saturday 8 February
19:00-20:30 WS1 Tango de salon elements
21:00-01:00 Colores del Tango milonga with show by Dilara a Abdullah

Sunday 9 February
13:00-14:30 WS2 women's technique with Dilara
15:00-16:30 WS3 men's technique with Apo
17:00-18:30 WS4 Tango escenario elements

Prices of WS:
1WS CZK 350 (EUR 14)
2WS CZK 300/WS (EUR 12/WS)
3WS CZK 250/WS (EUR 10/WS)