Argentinian tango. Meet each other!

18 Nov. 2018 at 18:00 - 20:30

Come to spend late Sunday afternoon in the company of Argentinian tango. Our event will introduce you to Argentinian tango under all its forms: as dance, as music, as culture that found its way to every corner of the world. Prague is for sure no exception and we will be happy if you come and meet each other. 

The initial lesson of tango basics is suitable for complete beginners and also for those who want to go back to the basic principles of the dance: communication in the couple, leading and following, balance, simple steps, improvisation. The lesson takes one hour and takes place in the big hall of Domovina so there should enough space for all of us. 

Next on the programme is a concert by duo Javier Díaz Gonzáles and Lucas Yarza (Arg.). They will present us the legacy of Carlos Gardel, the icon of Argentine tango. They will play for you Gardel´s most famous songs and melodies. The concert will include dance performance of Bailemos lecturers.

Finally on the programme will be a dance party with Argentine tango (milonga) where - if you wish - you can apply the skills from the lesson of tango basics.


17:45 - 18:00    welcoming of participants (ground floor of Cultural house Domovina)

18:00 - 19:00    lesson of tango basics (in the big hall of Domovina taught by Bailemos studio lecturers Barbara and Jan)

19:00 - 19:45    concert by Javier Díaz Gonzáles (guitarre) and Lucas Yarza (voice), dance performance

19:45 - 20:30    tango party (milonga) with live and reproduced music

Place of event: studio Bailemos, Na Maninách 32a, P7 Holešovice (cultural house Domovina, approx. 50 m from tram stop Maniny, it is possible to park for free at Komunardù street)

Entry fee (for individuals): CZK 70. It is not necessary to register, tickets on the spot.

Refreshment: tea, coffee, water (free), wine, beer

Dress code: slightly formal. For dancing it is enough to have comfortable street shoes.

Infos/questions at:

V. Tango Camp at Sazava River 8-11 August 2019

Those who like to combine tango with summer pastimes are welcome to 5. edition of Tango Camp at Sazava River. Summer Camp is intensive learning and dancing of tango with milongas every night. On top of that you can enjoy good food, bathing in a lake, morning yoga or just relaxing. All this in a good company of people who are in love with tango.

Where? In a beautiful country near Ledeè nad Sazavou, about an hour drive from Prague or Brno. The accommodation is provided by hotel Luna which is equipped for all kinds of reåaxation activities (including  swimming pool and sauna). The tango lessons take place in two hotel social halls. 

For whom? For tango dancers with some experience and for advanced dancers. There will be two levels of courses in two dance halls. 

With whom? With lecturers of Bailemos.

Accommodation? Hotel Luna ( in double rooms.

Registrations ? From beginning of 2019.