Course Content

TANGO 1: suitable for beginners and also for those who would like to revise the basics. At the beginning we study the basic technique of argentine tango and what makes it a unique dance. We learn the correct embrace of the couple, the rules for communication in the couple - leading and following -, technique of walking and making pauses. From the basic step we move to figures with rotation as ochos and giros. From the very beginning an emphasis will be laid on following the rules of social dancing, that dancing in the right direction and at a save distance from the others. That should make it easier to participate in social evenings with argentine tango, so called milongas.

TANGO 2: the course is at pre-intermediate level and represents a follow-up of the TANGO 1 course. We get familiarised with new figures as barridas, sacadas, planeos or introduction to voleos and learn to combine them and make them an integral part of our dance. We also get back to the basic technique with the objectif of adding more elegance and fluidity. The course contains a lesson of milonga (a quicker and lighter variety of tango) and a lesson of tango vals which both are genres danced at social milongas as well. The students should be able - having finished the course - to independantly dance tango, milonga or vals while keeping in mind the etiquette of social dancing.

TANGO 3: the course is a loose follow-up to the TANGO 2 level and is suitable for intermediate students who are already versed in the basics. Dance vocabulary will be extended with further figures as are ganchos, voleos, enganches. At the same time we focus on improvisation skills and applying of figures with respect to the music. In this way more emphasis will be laid on musicality which in other words means that change of the character of music requires change of the character of dance. When useful for our dance style and harmony of the couple, we wil get back to the basic technique, correct posture, footwork and so on. At least one lesson will be given to tango vals and milonga respectively.

TANGO 4: the course is for the advanced dancers. More complex sequences containing both known and new features (dancing out of axis, ganchos and voleos with different dynamics, adornos, etc) are proposed in this course. Detailed description of the mechanics of the body and its movement will be provided,  special attention being paid to the principles of dissociation. We show how individual figures can be danced with different dynamics depending on music. The participants are expected to bring in their own creativity and improvisation skills, to find linkage between individual steps and figures and to create own tango. Some time to will be devoted to perfectioning the basic technique, stability, connection with the dance floor, etc. At least one lesson will be given to tango vals and milonga respectively.

PS: after each lesson another 15 min is given to students for free dancing and practising. Every Wednesday 20:00-21:30 we organize free of charge praktika which is space for free dancing, revising and consulting with the lecturers present.

Storno conditions: 50% of the course fee by the first week after the start of the course.