Milonga Colores del Tango

Attention: milonga Colores on 12 Jan is cancelled due to film shooting in the studio!

Colores del Tango is a regular Saturday milonga with mostly traditional music played by Czech and international djs. From time to time we invite couples to give performance. The studio is equipped with a quality wooden floor, dressing room, air-con. Come add the colour of your tango!

Updated info: Colores fb page

Time: every Saturday 21:00 - 00:30

Place: Studio Bailemos , see map

Drinking menu: water, coffee, tea gratis; beer, wine, cider, coke.

Entry: CZK 100

Wednesday Praktika

Attention: the last praktika this year is on 19 Dec (Christmas Praktika), the first praktika in the new year is on 23 January!  

Praktika is an open space where you can dance, try out new steps and figures, consult with the lecturers present, meet other students and get inspired by them. Less formal dress code.

Time: every Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00

Entry: CZK 80

For information on other milongas and praktikas in Prague go to tango calender.